Sunday, May 27, 2012

stop reading this and go outside.

go outside today and get some sun on your pale skin, after you apply sun block so that you won't burn. spread a blanket out, lay on your back. wear your sunglasses, take a magazine to read when you're done watching the birds fly overhead or the ever-changing clouds rapidly pass by, and a large bottle of water because it's pretty hot out today and i worry about you not drinking enough water as it is.

just lay there. feel the wind rush over the hair on your arms, over your kneecaps, your toes. close your eyes. listen to every little thing around you - the sound of that wind shaking the leaves of the privacy hedge next door, the song of the birds in the branches of the tall oak tree to your left, engines and tires, kids on their bikes across the street. if your water bottle blows over, leave it. if the corners of the blanket beneath you get tossed up and over you, leave it. you are busy. you are describing to yourself the sounds of your neighborhood.

stay outside. listen to life happening outside.

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