Wednesday, June 20, 2012

memory of dreams.

As soon as you wake up, grab the pen and notebook on the little table next to your bed and write down everything you can recall easily about the dream you just had. Nobody has dreams like you; remember this.

Sometimes they are bright and circus-like, featuring the usual suspects from your waking life, people you know or have known, wherein you are all running away from, or running to rooms in large dilapidated houses, while talking to them about things you can only seem to discuss at night in the safety of your mind. 

Others are patchy and dark, ones you try too hard to remember so you end up losing what little grasp you had on them at all. and there are dreams that are like sad memories. you're chasing a small and smiling version of yourself in an open field in the sunlight, or the people you have lost are living again. 

But the dreams where you take a running start outside the house you grew up in and leap into the air feeling your weight carried by the breeze alone, or where you are playing instruments you have only heard in songs you love with the greatest of ease, flawlessly creating ribbons of sound, those are the ones that make it hard to wake up when the alarm next to your bed starts ringing in the beginning of another day.

Write them down, because nothing is more important than the memory of those visions and feelings and thoughts that emerge when your eyes are closed. Nobody has dreams like yours.

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